All About Slicers: Berkel Versus Other Brands

Slicers are a vital component of any kitchen’s equipment, commercial or domestic. Instead of rugged edges, they give a cleaner, elegant look to any piece of bread or meat cut with it. It is necessary then to use a slicer that is sharper, will give a smooth plane in cutting and will hold its function for a longer period of time.

In commercial markets, it becomes important to choose a piece of kitchen equipment that is more economical yet still has better quality than the regular products in the market. This is where Berkel comes in; for the brand produces the shiniest and sharpest tools a kitchen has ever seen.

Why Berkel is better

Berkel is a brand with more than a century’s worth of experience in producing kitchen tools. Their slicers have allowed generations of chefs in delis and restaurants across cities and towns to prepare gourmet meals in a simple, fast and efficient way. The strength of the brand rests of the high quality of alloys and metals used in production of their tools, which imparts durability and strength unto them.

Given the professional demand for their products, like the Berkel Slicer, the company’s productions are made to last years, if not decades. The company knows that the equipment will be required by chefs who mean business, and are aiming to choose the best to create their best. Berkel acknowledges this, and has therefore an array of choices among the kitchen tools it produces. The variations span size, shape, blade size, tray sizes, and power types and horsepower speeds, to name a few.

Berkel and Consumer Satisfaction

A 100 years in the running signifies that Berkel, as a brand, has been able to keep its customers satisfied and happy with their products or the company would have ceased to exist already. The secret perhaps is their exemplary range of products so beloved by the customers. However, apart from the quality and affordable pricing, Berkel’s product guarantee service takes the star. The brand stocks spare parts for all their equipment sold, and has more than 5000 units each in stock at all times.

In spite of that, since the equipment involves regular mechanical work, the tools may wear out or face damages. The responsible customer service takes charge of that and offers timely repairs. This ensures the customers to continue a wonderful experience with Berkel products and maximizes their comfort so they just keep coming back for more.


Years of service has established Berkel as a one stop shop for all kitchen equipment needs. This includes significantly a wide variety of bread and meat slicers, which are so customizable that any chef is liable to find something that he or she likes. Berkel maintains impeccable product quality, and works to manufacture products that are increasing more durable and improved than before. The affordability and ease of replacement and repairs is really attractive to professional chefs, and it is this amazing customer service that continues to sustain the brand even till today.

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