Make Your Food Last Longer With The Vacuum Packaging Machine

What is a Vacuum Packaging Machine?

A Vacuum Packaging Machine is a piece of kitchen equipment that can package food products in plastic bags in a vacuum. That is, the machine removes all air contact around the food inside the sealed bag. Food decay depends upon the activity of microorganisms that come into contact with it via air. Hence removal of air surrounding the food retains its freshness and prolongs the life of the product.

Who uses it?

The machine itself can be used by anyone who wants to prolong the life of their food and food products. As of current market analysis, all types of people use this product to help them prevent wasting food. Restaurants use it all the time, as well as chefs, kitchen managers, and even large family and community houses.

These are the places where food needs to be bought in bulk. It would be a tremendous waste of resources if all the excess food was to go to waste, and the vacuum packager helps alleviate that threat.

Commercial Benefits

The obvious advantage of the vacuum packaging machine is the elongation of the shelf life of perishable and non perishable products alike. Products that would normally last 3 days can last up to 10 more days when properly sealed by the use of this machine.

Perishable items especially can be made to last up to five times more their life than they otherwise would. This gives the restaurants an edge in preparing a lot of product before hand, and using it when needed.

Having the packager allows the businesses to buy their kitchen ingredients in bulk, which will cut down their cost and make the process more economical, without compromising on the quality of the end result. It also affords the opportunity to save a lot of the product which could go wasted, mainly fruit and vegetables, which often perish even when stored inside refrigerators.

Which foods can be packed using this machine?

The sealer can pack all kinds of food, and there are no specifications of any kind. Perishable goods are however most stored. These include meat and fish, fruits or vegetables, and cheese etcetera. These are the products that decay quite rapidly if exposed to air for even the length of a day.

Non-perishable items however are still as safe with the packaging as perishable items are. This may include rice, wheat, pasta and boiled lentils. Some bakeries that use the vacuum sealer also use it to pack cookies, dough, sugar and flour to extend the shelf life of their products. Others often employ it to store chocolate chips and creams, and soups and stews as well.

A vacuum packaging machine can do wonders in extending the life of edible and non edible products alike. It employs a simple principle to make food last longer while retaining its freshness. This in turn decreases the time, money and energy that would otherwise be expended upon buying small portions of food over and over again.

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