How Does SEO Work?

Have you ever wondered that whatever you search in Google, mostly the first three links shown in the search results makes you get closest to your queries? Well here is where the concept of Search Engine Optimization – SEO comes. Let us take a look at what SEO actually is and how does it work?

What is Search Engine Optimization – SEO?

As the name suggest SEO is a method that optimizes the search for your topic. It follows a basic set of protocols and algorithms that are used to find the most authentic search results for the topic you want to search. To put it simple SEO is something that puts the website with genuine and authentic details at the top of rankings and are shown first when you search for the related topics. This is the root method that various search engines follow. The basic advantage of SEO is that from the endless pool of data available online for almost everything you search, you get the best available information.

How does SEO work in actual?

To know this we will first see the basics of Search Engine Return Pages (SERPs).Suppose you have a website that gives diversified information for any product, say Smarphones. Initially you being new your website will not be even listed on SERPs. So the first and the foremost step will be to submit your web information to Google, Yahoo or any other well-known search engine so that they know about you.

There might be a multitude of web pages giving information on the latest Smartphone in the market. These web pages will be generally loaded with eye-gripping pictures and links or hyperlinks that guide/navigate you to the essential details of what you search. However it may happen that even if your web page provide the most genuine and in-depth detail it may not be able to crack-the-nut to occupy top spots in the search engine results.

This is because your web page doesnot lie into the essential framework of “SEO”. You must ensure that your web page contains some photographic details as they serve the best way to convince the readers about the information they are looking for!! Secondly your webpage must provide required links to the concepts that are completely new to people and thus help them guide to the best information.

Thus SEO is a webmaster using which, various search engine formulate various techniques to provide users with the most authentic information for what they search.

Why is SEO essential?

If spreading knowledge is something that you desire, SEO helps you in the following way:
It helps search engine put your information in the top charts and make it available to users fast.
Spreads the awareness regarding the information you are providing at lightning fast speed.
If your information is genuine you are sure to receive accolades from the global crowd for a good job done. This will surely give you global recognition. Thus SEO serves you as a major contributor to get you closer to the outside world.

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