What Does New Google Update Mean For SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is receiving key attention from various search engines on the internet. Various webmasters and websites have found SEO as a very effective and impressive way to flaunt their marketing skills.

SEO provides websites an upper edge to do business, thereby ensuring that their content grabs the maximum traffic and attention from readers present online.

What is the Humming Bird update released from Google?

Google recently made news on its 15th birthday that it is upgrading its search engine and is out with the name of Humming Bird update.

This is surely going to leave its fan excited and surprised to see what next level has Google moved to! Does this update mean that the conventional method of SEO will be out? Well, Humming Bird is an updated algorithm to the already existing algorithms or protocols for the search engine. With the Humming Bird, Google has come out with more refined methods of searching a particular and relevant topic.

What does Humming Bird update mean for SEO?

Humming Bird offers you more intelligent solutions than the already existing method for Google search engine. The Humming Bird algorithm will understand the psyche of the customer on Google search engine and will deliver closer results to your search. Let us have a look at how it does it.

Suppose you write in the search box “nearest places of entertainment in New York”. What the earlier method of search engine would do is pick the key words ‘entertainment’ and ‘New York’. This would give you with the result of all places of entertainment in New York.

It might happen that you spend up hours, searching for which is actually the nearest place from the list of entertainment places provided to you by Google. However the key factor in your search is you are searching for the ‘nearest place of entertainment’. This is where the Humming update will play a crucial role.

Saying it simply, Humming Bird takes into consideration each and every word that you type in the search box and provides you with further, more authentic and genuine search results.

Humming Bird works in a holistic way making it easy for its customers to get exactly what they want. This will help people not only to get more genuine information, but also to save their time considerably.

The Humming Bird update is also focused to mobile search. The update will serve more complex queries for people searching completely new topics or details. Analysts have shown that the Humming Bird has affected almost 90% of the searches worldwide.

Now this is really a very appreciative and considerable figure. However Google on being contacted said that they have already implemented the Humming Bird update quite a few days back. With this it is very clear that Google constantly thrives for innovation and keeps itself reinventing.

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