6 Animals that love to get High

Monkies love to get drunk by stealing alcoholic beverages from tourists. These smart primates exhibit the same behaviors as humans when intoxicated. Some get silly, some get violent. A fraction of the population gets severely addicted to the substance, making the monkies scavenge and steal to get a fix.

Dogs get super high on cane toads by licking them. They develop a taste for the high and end up seeking the toads just for this reason. It’s rather a problem because they can also OD on them. Dogs are also known to get high on marijuana alongside their owners. Most of the times, they develop a Pavlov reflex: whenever they hear sounds or smells associated with Marijuana, they’ll immediately seek out the source just to score a few tokes.

Risultati immagini per high dogRisultati immagini per high dog

Birds can get so high they can fall out of the air. It happens pretty often too because they love to eat berries, a fruit that can easily ferment when it’s rotting on the ground. In fact, in Australia, they have what’s called the Drunken Parrot Season in September when tons of birds get pretty wasted.

Jaguars can’t be bothered with catnip, they prefer the stronger hallucinogenic drug of the Yage Vine. Jaguars can be often found rolling around the Amazon jungle floor. Humans can use the Yage Vine too. It’s thought that early man learned how to get high by watching Jaguars.

Dolphins like to “pass” the Pufferfish among themselves. The Pufferfish’s skin is laced with a poison which in small doses can make the Dolphins high. While stoned, the Dolphins just lay around floating in the water stoned out of their minds.

Risultati immagini per high dolphinRisultati immagini per high dolphins

Raindeers, in the Arctic north, seek out psychedelic mushrooms during harsh winters. Why? Nobody really knows, maybe because they’re bored just like the herdsmen who drink the Raindeers’ urine to experience the same high. Maybe that’s where the Santa Claus stories come from! From a bunch of herdsmen high on psychedelic mushrooms.

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