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This reproduction was made from a copy of a manuscript sent to us for publication and microfilming. .. SITKA POtH l'appareil DE JIM. FOÏ ET The resemblance of the punched paper strip to the cards of the Jacquard loom led French telegraphers to dub his automatic "Wheatstone's electric. Jacquard".Smaller holes in 

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The mathematics underlying the set had been invented more than 70 years ago bytwo Frenchmen, gaston julia and Pierre Fatou, but computers laid bare their . 1073 and quadratic residues, 1090 and spectra, 1081 Jacquard, Joseph-Marie (France, 1752-1834) and programmable looms, 1107 Jamming-resistant radio and 

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The 45000 most frequent english words. The 20000 most frequent french words. The 20000 most frequent german words. Th

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Patwarun (Nu_Nat): 2012

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